Road trip!

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Everyone at Wideyed has been really busy this summer. Louise has taken part in a few group exhibitions, I’ve tried to complete some personal work, Richard and me have done a couple of commissions together, all three of us bought secondhand Hasselblads… and I can’t remember what else now, but it’s just seemed to be non-stop.

And the pace is unlikely to relent any time soon because Wideyed is about to go on a road trip.

At the end of September we’re taking a Wideyed exhibition to France. The show will be in place from 2nd – 17th October, in (and possibly around) a château in the heart of the Touraine region – wine country! During that period the three of us will be in residence and producing new work that we hope to exhibit sometime next year (exact dates and venue/s in the pipeline).

Then on the way home we’ll catch a plane to Serbia, and meet Belgrade Raw. We’ve already begun chatting ideas with photographers Darko Stanimirović, Luka Knezevic-Strika, Nemanja Knezevic, Ramadan Kompjutor and Andrej Filev by email, but we’re really looking forward to meeting them in person.

And after that there’s… oh, actually, let’s just stick with the road trip for now yeah?

Cheers, Lucy

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