Mapping Belgrade Raw

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

BelgradeRaw is a collective of five photographers showing a different Belgrade. We don’t care about common touristic & glam stuff, instead we focus on real people and places.

Our goal is to help build a better, more open and honest image of our city. For that purpose, we use the following:

  • Our website, to showcase different sets of photographs (called features) from each photographer. This way you get an organized look into subjects or themes we find specially interesting.
  • Our Flickr group, which is the place for community of other like-minded photographers. We upload some of our own, but also invite other great photographs of Belgrade which we find on Flickr. Members can also participate in discussions and comment on individual photos.
  • Various printed matter – these include stickers, limited-edition prints, booklets and a bar-book.

* Belgrade Raw is taking part in ‘Mapping the Flâneur’ by ASA Collective and Wideyed at FORMAT11

Image © Andrej Filev

Image © Luka Knežević-Strika

Image © Darko Stanimirović

Image © Milovan Milenković

Image © Nemanja Knežević


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