Re:Mapping the Flâneur

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Image © Srinigas Kuruganti

It’s now 6 weeks since FORMAT11 ended. It took a while for everyone at ASA Collective and Wideyed to get over Mapping the Flâneur (it was a lot of hard work!), and then start digesting the experience…

Over the month that Mapping the Flâneur took place, 97 photographers from 20 collectives around the world contributed just over 700 of their images to the installation project. 700 images in a month might not seem like a lot in a world where thousands of pictures are uploaded to online image sharing sites every minute. But when you’re processing 700 images, publishing them with credits and captions to a tumblr site and sending them to print in a gallery, all one by one, believe us, it’s a lot. And at the end of the exhibition, we discovered we’d used 5 rolls of 40m long paper, totalling 200m, for the installation. Those are big prints.

As part of the application process for ACE G4TA grants, there’s a section dedicated to evaluation – ACE ask how you plan to monitor the progress of your work from start to finish, and consider its potential impact beyond. When you first start considering this, the most obvious measurements of achievement are quantifiable things like the numbers of visitors to the exhibition, press clippings and web hits; for example, based on the figures supplied to us by FORMAT, we estimate that 2,500-2,700 people saw Mapping the Flâneur in Derby. After that, there are things like written comments and word-of-mouth feedback, evaluation forms and SWOT analyses…

But it also occurred to us that, at the close of the exhibition, a large number and variety of images would have been received, and the potential to successfully re-curate these into another object – another exhibition, say – would be the most interesting measure of the quality of the project.

And that’s exactly what we’re about to attempt.

This is the gallery in Newcastle where we’ll be re-exhibiting Mapping the Flâneur – or Re:Mapping the Flâneur. The gallery is part of Newcastle Arts Centre, which 100 years ago was a department store, and the arched ceiling is a restored original feature. Given that the piece of work we’ll be exhibiting there was directly inspired by Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Arcades Project’, the fact that we’ll be using a space that not only looks like an arcade but was also used as a commercial space like one, is fantastic.

And this is roughly how we plan to use that space. Although the gallery is large, it’s nowhere near big enough to display five 40m long prints, so we’ll exhibit the best parts of three, and with these try to give an impression of the lengths of the prints and the scale of the original project they were produced in. The index card filing cabinet we used in the Collectives Encounter exhibition will make a reappearance, and we’ll also produce a 13m long print, especially for this show, as a means of introducing some context (information about the Derby installation, the photographers that took part and their collectives, and so on).

In addition, our collaboration with ASA Collective continues, as we’re working to transform all the images we received into something that can be screened or projected. Our hope is that any of the other collectives involved in this project can then take ownership of this piece, by showing it themselves if they wish. That they might take it for a walk…

The exhibition will run from 14th – 26th June 2011 at Newcastle Arts Centre, 67 Westgate Road, NE1 1SG

6pm onwards on Friday 24th June, the projection piece being created for this exhibition will be screened at a special event, timed to coincide with Sunderland University’s ‘The Versatile Image: Photography in the Era of Web 2.0‘.

We hope to see you there!


Blindboys Wideyed – the book

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The surprise we took to the North East Photography Network discussion group talk we did this Wednesday was a print-on-demand book we had made about the Blindboys Wideyed collaboration. It’s very exclusive – we have just two copies of it for reference only, it’s not for sale, and if you missed the talk you may never get another chance to look at it in person… But we’ve made this little video so we can show it in another way (with apologies for the hissy sound).

News from Blighty and Bombay

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North East Photography Network have invited us to give a talk about BLINDBOYS WIDEYED, the exhibition and interventions we produced in Newcastle in collaboration with Blindboys.

And the timing couldn’t be better – taking place at the Lit&Phil this Wednesday 19th May, from 5.30pm – 7pm, the talk is the perfect way for us to sign off the UK part of the collaboration just days before Blindboys take up the baton with BLOWUP IN BOMBAY on Saturday 22nd May. Blindboys’ BLOWUP street exhibitions have previously taken place in Bangalore, Delhi and Paris, and they’re planning to make the one in Bombay their biggest ever. GO BLINDBOYS!

Oh, and we’ll be bringing a little surprise to the talk with us…

Empty Shop launch event

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Carlo and Nick invite you to the opening of the brand new Empty Shop HQ.

Set over two floors and featuring 6 exhibitions, this is the biggest Empty Shop event yet and also celebrates the opening of our first ever full time venue.

The event features:

  • The 2nd Annual Empty Shop Open
  • Work by the new Empty Shop studio group, The Freebirds
  • The first residency in the new Stairwell Gallery
  • A new mixed media exhibition by photographer Toby Lloyd
  • Original wall drawings by the Cloud Commission
  • Expanse Gallery Expanse: The smallest gallery in the world curated by 50ft Long Horse

6pm – 9pm Friday 19th February 2010

Empty Shop
35c Framwellgate Bridge
Durham City

Richard and me will be there tonight – we just have to see what fresh direction Toby’s thing with Greggs sausage rolls is taking!

cheers, Lucy

‘Photography (w)here?’

January 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

North East Photography Network yesterday released the details of its first major event, ‘Photography (w)here?‘, a two day symposium and portfolio review.

Explore some of the pressing issues facing contemporary photographers and share some of your ideas with our panel of leading curators, editors and practitioners. What new opportunities exist for photographers? What are the pitfalls and how can we sustain our professional practices in the current economic climate? How are new photographic practices being supported and disseminated?

Symposium, Saturday 12th March: Photographer Sarah Pickering will be the key-note speaker. The round-table discussion will be chaired by Alessandro Vincentelli, Curator, Baltic.

Portfolio Reviews, Saturday 13th March: An exciting opportunity for one-to-one conversations with reviewers of your choice. Each review will last approximately 20 minutes, and booking is essential.


  • Camilla Brown, Senior Curator, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
  • Malcolm Dickson, Director Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow
  • Patrick Henry, Director, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
  • Greg Hobson, Curator of Photographs, National Media Museum
  • Marc Prüst, Freelance Photography Consultant and Curator, Paris
  • Alistair Robinson, Programme Director, NGCA, Sunderland
  • and others TBC

Venue: The Mining Institute, Neville Hall, Westgate Road, Newcastle, NE1 1SE

Admission to the symposium is free, but booking in advance is essential.

Portfolio Reviews cost £5 per session. For more information, follow this link.

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