Mapping the Re:Mapping

July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Will this be the final post about our and ASA Collective’s adventures with Mapping and Re:Mapping Flâneurs?

The Newcastle Arts Centre exhibition ended on Saturday, and Wideyed took it down on Monday. Some lovely comments had been left on the blank index cards in the filing cabinet, for example:

A most delightful journey!

Great, but it feels like it needs to ‘grow’… The rolls need to keep unfurling.

The Flâneur, today this is me. Interesting to see what the rest of the world is up to, much sadness but some bright spots.

Inspiring use of technology, brilliant photography, very brave approach!

A fantastic concept concisely and attractively articulated through exhibition. Brings fantastic images from many countries into a cohesive, imaginative and thought provoking whole. Nice!

Someone even did a little drawing for us! But my personal favourite is “It’s awe-inspipiring – Oliver, age 10

Anyway, while the exhibition was up we filmed as well as photographed it, and we also shot some footage of the private view on 24th July, which we’ve finally got round to editing and posting here.

It really has been an adventure. Many thanks again to everyone who shared it with us.


‘Centenary’ opening

November 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

It took Richard and me longer than we thought to get to Cowshill for Louise’s opening, but though we were late there were still quite a few people there, and plenty of wine and nibbles. These pix were all taken by Louise before we arrived though, the place was heaving all afternoon she said, so the event was obviously a success! In the photo above you can see people holding or leafing through their copies of the centenary book.

Louise’s photo exhibition is part of a multi-faceted heritage project undertaken over a period of a year. With other members of the Heatherycleugh community, Louise has been involved with many aspects of it – a massive amount of work, and a fantastic achievement! And as if that weren’t enough, she also cooked us dinner before taking us down the local pub for the evening.

We got another chance to see the exhibition this morning before heading home, and it was packed out again. It runs until 5th December – and for anyone passing next Saturday morning, the bacon butties are also highly recommended!

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