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The other day we were lucky enough to win a signed Simon Roberts newspaper.

And as a surprise bonus, on the inside front cover is one of the photos Richard submitted to ‘The Election Project’.

Vigneresque attitude…

November 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

On Thursday 30th September, Wideyed arrived chez François Blanchard, organic winemaker, at Chateau du Perron in the Touraine region of France.

For Richard and me, this was our second trip to ‘Perron City’- our first was in 2005, when we took there ‘Growing Green’, an exhibition on organic horticulture in England by Richard. And, while we were there, made work about François’ unusual winemaking process that I exhibited some of my images from in Darlington the following year, for the opening of which François came over to do a wine tasting.

We didn’t mean to then leave the photos to rest for five years but, one thing and another, that’s what happened. 2010 really seemed like a good time to take them back though, especially as Richard’s images hadn’t been seen by anyone, in England or France. And, while we were at it, why not make it a Wideyed thing?

So there were all were, Louise, Richard and me, and we were there to hang an exhibition of mine and Richard’s vintage wine images, together with Louise’s ‘Shoot!’ series on hunting in County Durham. Not knowing where exactly around the chateau we were likely to exhibit, we just turned up with a variety of prints and improvised.

With much enthusiastic encouragement from François, we chose to hang our pictures on empty wine vats lining the corridor leading to and in the barn where the white wine was made this year, so basically our exhibition was in an interesting working space, and it was up until Sunday 17th October when the harvest ended.

As a crew from France3 turned up you can see for yourself just how much fun the whole thing was, all thanks to the ‘vigneresque attitude’ of François and his partner Karine. They started making organic wine around 2003, have always considered harvest time something to celebrate, and each year invite musicians and artists along to both muck in and do their thing. At the weekends people come from around France and also Belgium, Germany, Blighty of course… and even the New York restaurant where some of François’ wine is served (hello Claire!).

Anyway, over the fortnight we were there we made ourselves useful by helping to harvest and crush grapes, but the three of us also took a lot of photos. Although we’ve known each other for several years and, since founding Wideyed, have produced exhibitions together, we haven’t worked together as photographers before and thought the trip to France, at François’ invitation, artists-in-residence style, might be just the opportunity to give it a go. We should get our films back from the lab next week hopefully, and then we’ll have an editing session, see if we can shape something from the results?

From the left: Lucy, Richard, Claire, Hans, François, Louise, and Dabu, in front of the Chateau de Chambord.

All images © Louise Taylor 2010

Richard Glynn is an MAstar!

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MAstars is an annual online selection of the most promising artists from the UK’s leading MA courses. Selected by influential artists, curators, academics and arts professionals, MAstars keeps you up to date with the artists to watch and gives you an insight into the future of the UK art scene.”

For more about Richard and other MAstars, follow this link.

Tattoos on the move

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News just in that the ‘Tattoos of the Tees Valley’ exhibition will definitely be touring to two more venues this year.

It will first open on Saturday 30th January 20th February at the Maritime Museum in Hartlepool and run there until sometime in April 11th, then afterwards ship to The Head of Steam Railway Museum in Darlington for the 2010 summer season.

We’ll post more precise info as it comes in – updated 22/01/2010

Cheers, Lucy

‘Sight Unseen’ opening

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We were all too busy chatting and scoffing jelly babies last night, so by the time any of us remembered to take any shots of the preview the gallery was closing…

But this installation shot of Richard’s work couldn’t have been taken before the end (too many people in the way).

The man himself in situ.

Zhou Lucun’s installation.

And Zhou Lucun. His piece about employment prospects for the nearly 2.5 million students who graduate in China every year is really interesting.

Class of 2009 – from the left: Zhou Lucun, Siwan Liu (his work is amazing, but best seen in print), Yu Zhu (whose piece on homosexuality in China is interesting too), Patritsia Panayi and, of course, Richard Glynn. Congratulations everyone!

Invitation to ‘Sight Unseen’

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First outing for Wideyed this month! Details of Richard Glynn’s MA show opening at NGCA below.

And for more info about Richard’s part of this exhibition, see ‘Lost Waltz’ in the “What we’ve done” section.

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