Who we are

Wideyed is a non-profit photography collective founded in February 2008 by artist/photographers Lucy Carolan, Richard Glynn, and Louise Taylor.

Wideyed is dedicated to creating, curating and promoting compelling contemporary photography for exhibition and cross-media publication. Its members provide peer and technical support for each others practices, engage in commissions, community arts projects and workshops, explore varied methods of printing, publishing and presenting works, and initiate collaborations with photographers and photography collectives outside the UK.

To date, Wideyed has produced in-house four solo exhibitions and five group shows. Its photographers played an active part in the 2008 edition of the Tees Valley Museums Photography Festival, leading workshops as part of the event as well as curating and producing ‘Sisters in Chanel and Chador’, young Iranian photojournalist Newsha Tavakolian’s first UK solo exhibition. At the beginning of 2010, Wideyed undertook an experimental collaboration with Blindboys photography group in South Asia, leading to the exhibition ‘Blindboys Wideyed’ and two site-specific interventions in Newcastle upon Tyne, March-April, followed by ‘BlowUp Bombay’, a group exhibition in Bandra, Mumbai on 22nd May. More recently (September 30th-October 19th 2010), Wideyed exhibited and were artists-in-residence at Chateau du Perron in the Touraine region of France.

Wideyed is continuing to explore the potential of crossovers between the online and real world, as well as building on previous successful experiences of international exchanges by undertaking projects in which creative collaborations lead to the creation and innovative dissemination of new works. Wideyed is currently working towards a longterm collaboration with photography collective Belgrade Raw, and was awarded a NAN ‘Go and See’ Bursary 2010 to visit Serbia 20th-27th October, initiating research and discussion about the form and nature of a future collaboration, and setting in motion the process of creative exchange between the two groups.

Wideyed will also be collaborating with ASA Collective on an exhibition for Collective Encounters as part of Format International PhotoFestival 2011.

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